Dr. Sumbul Desai- will be New Head of Apple’s Health Initiatives Team.


Apple hired Dr. Sumbul Desai , who led the recently launched Stanford Center for Digital healthcare.

What it Shows?

Recently, The Apple Watch has  been found to have the most effective heart rate tracking.The researchers found that the Apple Watch’s free Cardiogram app can be used to distinguish atrial fibrillation (AF) from a regular heartbeat with accuracy that compares pretty strongly to a 12-lead electrocardiogram reference. After training a deep neural network with 139 million heart rate measurements from over 6,000 Cardiogram users, the app was tested on a selection of 51 patients due to undergo treatment for AF. Wearing an Apple Watch for 20 minutes before and after cardioversion, the researchers found the watch capable of spotting AF with an accuracy of 97%, a sensitivity of 98% and a specificity of 90.2%.

Apple has been on a health industry hiring spree over the past few months. Last November, the company hired former Duke University researcher Dr. Ricky Bloomfield, an early proponent of HealthKit and ResearchKit platforms. And in June of last year Apple hired Dr. Rajiv Kumar, whose diabetes ResearchKit study made headlines in 2014, away from Stanford Children’s Hospital.

So, it is cleared that Apple is making it’s Health Team more talented and innovative.

Who is she?

Dr. Sumbul Desai, key figure in January’s launch of the Stanford Center for Digital Health.Desai started at Stanford as a resident physician of internal medicine in 2008, and later held roles as Medical Director of Strategic Initiatives and Assistant Chief of Strategy. Along with her role as Chief of the Stanford Center for Digital Health, she is also listed as serving as Vice Chair of Strategy and Innovation at Stanford’s Department of Medicine, as well as Associate Chief Medical Officer of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Stanford Healthcare.


Apple remains mum on its secret health initiatives, reports claim the company is working to deliver advanced medical monitoring tools through its Apple Watch wearable. Already one of the most accurate consumer heart rate monitors on the market, Apple Watch could one day boast cutting edge biomedical hardware.


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