Facebook hits 2 billion-monthly active user mark.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a post that the social network has hit 2 billion monthly users.

Facebook Inc said that..

2 billion people are regularly using its flagship service, marching past another milestone in its growth from a college curiosity in the United States to the world’s largest social media network.

Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg disclosed the number to his followers in a Facebook post…

“It’s an honor to be on this journey with you,”



In the Community event he also said that..

“We started a project to see if we could get better at suggesting groups that will be meaningful to you. We started building artificial intelligence to do this. And it works. In the first 6 months, we helped 50 percent more people join meaningful communities.If we can do this, it will not only turn around the whole decline in community membership we’ve seen for decades, it will start to strengthen our social fabric and bring the world closer together.”

Zuckerberg wants one billion of his two billion-strong user base to join one of the meaningful communities that are popping up on the site.

The move is not entirely devoted to the good of the world. Facebook generated $4.23 per user in the first quarter of 2017. It intends to grow this income generated per user in part by launching high-budget scripted TV shows by late summer, directly competing against services like Amazon Video, Netflix, and Apple Music.



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