PromoRepublic raises $1.2M for AI which provides a platform for small businesses on social media.


“AI for small business social media” is now a thing, in the shape of PromoRepublic, a US/Finnish/Ukrainian startup which has now raised a $1.2M investment round.

Investors in this seed round include Peter Drucker’s daughter Cecily Drucker, Nick Bilogorskiy (the ex-chief malware expert at Facebook), business modeling guru David Lottenbach, Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes, as well as Howzat Partners, Digital Future and Spring Capital VC firms.

The platform helps small business owners understand what specific content to post for their specific business. So, when to post, how often, what copy, design, call to actions and hashtags to use on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Then the user needs to make a final customization and approve content for the whole month. The platform has access to 100,000+ templates and images and is integrated with Hootsuite, HubSpot, Buffer, and Yext.

PromoRepublic will post automatically at the right time and frequency, thus doing the heavy lifting for SME/SMB business owners who really wouldn’t know where to begin in terms of creating and sharing content about their business.




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