Apple is supposed to add Facial Recognition Technology in upcoming iPhone

Apple is reportedly testing the facial recognition system as a new security layer for unlocking the upcoming iPhone, tossed as the iPhone 8. The technology doesn’t limit to unlocking the handset but perhaps be used to authenticate payments, launch secure applications and more. The improved facial recognition system is based on a new 3-D sensor.

Furthermore, Apple is also said to be testing an eye scanning system, something that could debut alongside the face recognition technology with the iPhone 8 later this year.
Bloomberg reports that the sensor’s focal point will be speed and accuracy. It could take a few hundred milliseconds to scan the user’s face and unlock the iPhone. It is also designed to function when kept in a flat position. Since this technology is still in the test mode, there is also a possibility that Apple may not feature it for its iPhone 8 unless completely satisfied with the test results.

The face recognition system, in tests, reportedly takes more data points as compared to the fingerprint sensor in turn making the entire process more secure. Although rival companies like Samsung already have smartphones with iris scanners, there were some claims on how users were able to trick its sensor with a printed photo. Since Apple’s 3-D sensor also takes the ‘depth’ factor into consideration, the success rate of recognizing a real face than a printed photo could be more.

Apple is also being said to ditch the iconic Touch ID scanner in favour of an on-screen fingerprint sensor, something that also acts as a gateway for the company to use extended displays in the handset. We have already seen several renders and even hands on video showing the alleged iPhone 8 with minimal screen bezels.

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